What Is Tanning Bed: Introducing High-Tech Beauty Treatment

Beauty treatment has been advancing its way through nowadays’ high-tech era. You can do so much now with technology, in an efficient and effective way. One of the popular beauty treatment thanks to technology is tanning technique. The first thing that pops in your head when you hear tanning might be hanging around under the sun at the beach. But with the sun, you need hours and you have to actually be outside. With technology, you can get tanned with just being inside and hang around lamps instead of the sun.

The Era of Tanning Bed


It could be called a tanning bed or a tanning booth, it’s just a matter of in what position you will get through the treatment. Tanning bed is a skin-tanning device which will make your skin get tanned with the help of ultraviolet or UV light, the same thing that the sun emits everyday. But what makes it different, with tanning bed, you will only need several minutes to get your dream skin, while hanging around under the sun will usually take more than an hour. The UV light will evoke the melanin pigment production, which is the job of melanocyte cells. Melanin itself is a dark pigment which has big role on tanning process.


These to Uvs will determine the type of tan you want to get which will automatically also determine what kind of tanning bed bulbs you need to purchase. The amount of UVA and UVB in a tanning lamp defines the various kind of tanning bulbs. Technically, you need both UVA and UVB in order to get tanned, while the UVB is on duty to stimulate the melanocytes as explained before. After that, the UVA will do the “pick-up” on melanin once it comes out, and then oxidizes it so you will look brown. The UVB is pretty dangerous, though. It’s because UVB is a short wave length so it can attack your skin surface. Over exposure to UVB can cause you get sunburned instead of beautifully tanned, so be careful on using the bulbs.

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