We Love Disney with Jessie J

Jessie J gives her great voice for We Love Disney compilation. It is a coming out compilation. She will take a ‘Part of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid. It is one of her dreams because since a child, she always had a dream to take a part on Disney song. It is not only Jessie J, but some of the musicians are also taking a part in it. They are Fall Our Boy, Lucy Hale with Rascal Flatts, and Ne-Yo. It must be spectacular show.

The Little Mermaid is here


Disney has a million songs that ready to remake. Maybe it would be better for us to see Jessie J do some acting along with the songs. It will be a different part of her to take this song as her part. You can watch it on YouTube. Therefore, your curiosity will get the best answer ever. What do you think of this news? You can recheck it in Pop music news site. Do not forget to watch and comment about her video. You can check it on YouTube and download the video if you love it. It does not matter to let your kids watch the video. Take its lyric and sing together with your children anytime and anywhere. This song is one of the easy listening songs for any moment. Support this song to keep straight on the top chart of iTunes.

It is not an impossible thing for Jessie J to reach many viewers and downloaders of her song. It is because of the public has already known about her voice quality in her song ‘Price Tag’. You can enjoy her unique voice while she singing on The Little Mermaid. It must be very cute of its melody and rhythm. You will shake your head and enjoy this song.

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