Relaxation Therapy Training at your own house


The medical industry is now not just conquered by the western methods. In fact, the eastern method of medication has been really popular lately in the west. One of them is the use of relaxation therapy to medicate pain or relieve stress. Usually, plenty of websites like will provide you with an official relaxation therapy training and certificate to master the techniques. But for those who do not have the fund to enroll in such prestigious place, you can learn it from use. We are going to give you tips on how to do relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation) in your own house to deal with bodily pain.


Deep Breathing for Pain

The first thing that will be taught when learning relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation)is the technique of deep breathing. The technique of deep breathing is a little bit different than the regular technique of breathing. While you are usually breathing by using your upper chest area, deep breathing should be focused on the stomach area. The air that is breathed should go to the abdomen so that you can inhale as much oxygen as you can. Deep breathing will release your tense muscle around the body and in turn reducing the amount of pain in your body.

How to do Deep Breathing

If you want to learn how to do deep breathing, first you need to know that you are inhaling air through abdomen, not your upper chest. To do so, you need to put one hand on top of your stomach and the other on your chest. When you inhale air, your hand on top of the abdomen should be the only one that moves. Then you can exhale all the air using your mouth slowly and repeat the techniques several times. You can either sit straight or lie down on your bed when you do the deep breathing.

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