Living Room Design

living room design

The living room is the most used room in the house. It serves a lot of purposes, from a gathering place for the family, place for entertainment, to hosting guests. Because of that, the designing of the living room is important. The living room not only shows the status of the owner but also their taste.

Living room design: what to consider

First and foremost, is how much money you are willing to spend into living room design. Do you want to design it in the luxury theme? Or do you want your living room in the casual theme? If you are willing to spend a lot of money, you can choose the luxury theme. And for those who don’t, no need to worry. Beautiful living room doesn’t have to be expensive.

Second is the space you have. The amount of space of your living room will determine how the design will be. With bigger space, you will have more choice on designing your living room. But just because you have small living room, it doesn’t mean you can make it beautiful.

Ideas for designing living room

Here we will give you the ideas for designing living room. One is for small living room, and the other is for large living room. For the small living room, you can add mirror and wallpaper. If properly placed, a mirror can create an impression of an extra window. If you have a high ceiling, use it. Turn your walls into an art gallery. This way, the attention will be diverted to your walls, giving the impression of larger space. Also, if you have small living room, you should use small scale furniture.

For the large living room, you can add L-shaped sofa. This will make your living room comfortable. Adding extra chair is a good choice too. If you have a high ceiling, you can add tall plants.

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