Legal DNA Testing, Know Exactly What It Is!

Among some types of DNA testing, legal DNA testing is the one that is most complicated as you cannot just do it right away. If in at home or other test you just need to collect cells sample of yours and your child that is taken from the blood or inside cheek of the mouth and send it to the lab, legal testing requires some checking and forms to fill. Yes, it takes time. But, why it has to be like that? Well, this is because the purposes you have to conduct the test.


At home DNA testing is usually done to find out the real family relationship for your peace of mind, so it is just simple. Meanwhile, the legal one is used to a more serious affair like claiming parents’ rights. OK, the explanation is clear but I do not get it. If you feel so, you need to read simpler information below:

Understanding legal DNA testing

A legal paternity test cannot be done carelessly, it usually involves a court and the court will choose the third party that is neutral. Every step of the test will by strictly monitored to avoid mistakes or any other problems. This procedure is done to make sure the result of the test is valid, no manipulation because that will be used for particular purposes like claiming child support, inheritance, insurance, immigration, and many more. That is the reason why, for these objectives you are not suggested to do at home DNA testing that you can do by yourself.

Moreover, during the test, the chain of custody must be maintained at all times. Chain of custody refers to the process of collecting specimens and documentations that go along with the test. Everything must be accounted here thus the court can have a complete note and the result of the test is defensible in court law. Take your time to understand this.

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