Free Government Phone from Assurance Wireless

Not having the means of communication in this modern era can be difficult because you are basically shut down from all important access. You can’t access medical sources, you can’t find the proper job, and so many more. That’s why the American government provides free phone service to their citizens, especially those who are considered poor and have low income. The program has been around for quite some time and it is gaining more and more attention from the world.


About the Free Service

Basically, this free phone service is given in various options. Some financial assistance is given through subsidy on a monthly basis while some are given the free phone giveaway. Naturally, you need to be considered eligible to have the free service. If you are considered financially stable and able, then you won’t be granted the phone. There are some strict requirements and regulations that are set up by the government. The purpose is clear: to make sure that this program reaches the intended target, and not being abused by others – especially those who are financially capable, but wanting to have a free phone.

The Provider

The government is working together with several providers. It is possible that each provider is assigned a special task or program that makes it different from the others. However, it is also possible that several providers are given the same task or program.

One of the providers that are working with the government is Assurance Wireless. If you want to know more about the service provided, and you want to check whether you are eligible for this program or not, you can go to Feel free to browse around and find out the basic benefits you can enjoy. Even if this program turns out not for you, you can inform others about it.

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