Ferry to Bintan from Singapore

If you want to travel to Riau islands and visit one of the favorite destinations of tourists that are Bintan, then you can consider taking a ferry. Why should you go there by ferry? It is more economical than airplane transportation and is very safe to travel around archipelago country like Indonesia. Another important reason is you will not miss a wonderful sightseeing like sea creatures. Thus, Ferry to Bintan from Singapore is a great choice for you who want to watch sea creatures and other natural attractions.


Benefits of taking a ferry to Bintan

  • The weather on the sea around the area of Singapore to Bintan is very calm. That is why you will have a great opportunity of taking a photograph or take other gadgets to record the journey. While you are having airplane trip, this is something impossible to do on an airplane. Fortunately, the weather usually stays calm along the year, so you can have a more flexible schedule of trip plan.
  • The capacity of seating is broader than airplane seating capacity. This is good news for those who want to make a travel plan with your family.
  • The ticket price will be much lower if you book also a return ticket to Singapore

The only thing you must remember is about allocating more money for accommodation in Bintan since the area is well known as one of expensive tourism destinations. However, it is the consequence you have to take if you want to have an exclusive leisure in such a paradise. You need to spend more to get more, moreover if you want to have adventurous activities like using speedboat or water ski and banana boat and so on. Bintan is a natural amusement park, and the sea you are going to pass through is a part of the journey you must not miss, and you will have the experience only by ferry.

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