Benefits of Romeo and Juliet Law


Romeo and Juliet law is designed and issued to help suspected minors in a sexual criminal case. People always look down on sex offenders, but in reality, not all suspects are truly guilty for their behaviors.


When two minors are involved in consensual sex activities and their age difference isn’t too many, the law can be applied to help them. Let’s say that the 14-year-old girl isn’t satisfied with the relationship, so she is filing a crime charge for her boyfriend, a 17-year-old boy. The law can be quite helpful for the boy, in terms that there are some heavy consequences that he can avoid so his future won’t be ruined.

The Benefits of the Law

There are some benefits of the law for the suspect, such as:

  • They won’t be included on the sex offender list. This is considered as the biggest benefit of the law since the suspects will still have hopes and future. Having your name on the list will ruin your chances of getting a decent and good job as well as other problems, including financial hardship and also a social stigma. Even when your name will be included on the list, it may only be temporary.
  • They will be charged with a misdemeanor, not a felony. When you are considered as a felon, your chances of getting a good financial condition, good employment, and good reputation in the social circle will be ruined. A misdemeanor isn’t good for your record either, but it is, at least, better than a felony.
  • They may not have to go to jail. When you are charged with a sexual case, you may have to spend a good 20 years (or even more) in the prison. But with the law, you can exonerate it. If it can’t be completely exonerated, at least, your time will be reduced to 4 years, max.


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