Back to Basics

If you’re thinking to promote your product online, then you should consider having at least one whiteboard video up on your site. You may be familiar with this type of vide, as you may have seen it many times. But it may never cross your mind to have one for your business. Anyway, this time, let’s get to know this not-so-new campaign method.


Classy and Old School

Many people think that this type of video is too old school for their taste. But hey, a trend will always repeat itself. Also, even though the video is in stop motion, it doesn’t mean that it has to be very much like what it was decades ago. You could always create characters or make a very interesting video that will garnered a lot of attentions. It could be from the unique video or the tune. You have your pick.

New Rush

Anyway, since a couple years ago, a lot of companies and NGO employs this media type for their campaign. So there’s nothing like now that says the best time to jump in the wagon. You can always make your video stand out by having a voice over or a very catchy icon. But remember to keep it simple. After all, a simple video has proven to be more memorable than others.

This stop motion video may look very easy to make, but it doesn’t mean you better do it yourself. Ask for a professional help for the best result. This is your business at stake, there’s no reason for you to go halfhearted when it comes to your livelihood. If you’re still feel unsure, go ahead, do your research. Look for a company with a wide and extensive portfolio so you know that you’re on the right hand.

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