Are You Ready For More Fun?

That is a solid question. Cause there’s no point if you’re not ready. But oh well, ready or not, you need to know that Bru-bag is coming. It’s a new game that will make you cannot stop playing it together with your friends and families. You can play it indoor or outdoor, that’s totally your choice, and just like any other sports, and you’re free to create new rules for your current game. Maybe you want to add a small bet or something similar.


Extra Fun Is Guaranteed

To play Bru-bag, of course you need a Bru-bag set. It looks like regular cornhole sets but it’s not. There are some small differences here and there. Like the height and other sizing. But in general sense, it’s the same game. Similar playing rules too, so if you’re already familiar with Cornhole, then you won’t have issue switching to this one. Also, you need to score 21 or at least have a two points margin from the opponent to win the game.

For Everyone to Play

Everybody will love this game. There’s no doubt about it. This game is testing your brawn and brain at the same time. Oh, and also your technical instinct and decision making. Can you play it strategically? Or will you just play it as you go? Think carefully before you throw the bags.

So how is it? Are you already curious about this new sport? Do you want to get your hands on the set right now? It’s okay, you always can order it online. In the package, you will get a complete set of Bru-bag board, covers and bean bags. If you can’t really wait, then you can make a makeshift one. And that’s a good thing too. Now you have two sets.

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