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Buy Sound Cloud Followers

As well as, the SoundCloud platform includes apps for iPhone, iPad and Android where you can listen, record and share sounds. Our open platform also supports a range of applications built on the SoundCloud API, enabling everything from online mastering and digital distribution, to Facebook artist profiles and iPad music making. However, your SoundCloud profile Give your fans a great first impression by optimizing your SoundCloud profile :

  • Spotlight tab: Choose the three sounds and/or sets that fans see first on your profile. Mix them up: spotlight an older sound for new fans to discover.
  • Username: Optimize good search results by setting the correct account username. Remember the username and url can be changed separately.
  • Profile image: Crop a square image ready to add to your profile and make it easier for fans to identify your profile as official.
  • Social links: Extend a fan’s online experience by linking to artists’ websites and social networks. Add the relevant networks in the advanced settings of your profile.
  • Tour dates: Showcase your upcoming tour dates automatically by connecting Songkick to SoundCloud in the advanced settings of your profile.
  • Followers/following: If your artist is connected to other artists, make sure they follow each other to strengthen their relationship.

Buy Link

Each track and set can feature a buy link appearing at the bottom of the track and also wherever your player is embedded. Go to the edit of your sound and click ‘show more options’ to show the buy link field. This can be added to any URL.

  • Customize the text of the link: maybe to indicate a pre-order, to encourage fans to sign up to a mailing list or even to buy tickets.
  • Use services such as SmartURL to take fans in different locations to the most relevant link.

You can even buy SoundCloud followers with just a few clicks easily.

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